An Incredible New Year's Greeting

Alas and alack, just as we were beginning to settle in for a cold Upper Midwest winter, our agent unexpectedly greeted us with a late December call. "We are offering you a World Cruise" she said, "and we need an answer soonest."  Can you imagine our excitement? It's the dream of a lifetime!

Since that moment it's been a whirlwind of visa applications, clothes pressing, suitcase packing, bill paying, and making all kinds of other arrangements for--whenever I write this I can't believe it's coming true--all being well, a 111-day 'round the world voyage!

We'll be north of the Equator the entire time although the ship will virtually touch that imaginary line when we depart Singapore about midway through the voyage. We'll be pulling into ports we've never seen and a few we've already visited, but we know each stop will bring new perspectives and maybe a new adventure or two.

Please do stay tuned for the next report.